Planning a baby shower for your newborn? Celebrating the forever twenty-one moment with your closed ones? Or the time to walk down the aisle with your lifelong partner is finally here?
Check out some tips to party planning before you host your next sweetest memory! 

Pre-Event Considerations

Before you start checking out on the service providers, do you already know what you have in mind? Make a note on the following to ease your way through the planning process.


Is dessert table a must have for your party or it's simply good to have? Pastryden offers a range of packages completed with set-up starting from as low as $530. Browse from our pre-curated package to see the best fitting selection that aligns with your budget!

Venue Consideration

Tight Spaces
Property prices are going up, but interior spaces are getting smaller, we get it. It's totally fine if you do not have space to accommodate a full thematic dessert table set-up. Simply opt for a drop and go delivery from our selection of desserts and enjoy the same delicious treats at the comfort of your place. Food items are packed in disposable boxes, saving you the inconvenience from washing and increasing water prices!

Comfortable Spaces
Got a large table on site or have sufficient space for our full set-up? That's wonderful because now you can truly relieve yourself from the hustle and hassle to do your own dessert table! Let our team think on your behalf and complete the set-up for you.

Way-Too-Much Spaces
The party venue is too huge now and you have no idea what to fit into the place. Fret not! Aside from an extensive pastry table, we also work with several ancillary partners to spice up your events! Whether is it a bouncing castle for the little ones, or an instant photo booth for everyone's keepsake, our team can fill up your venue with so much activities that you might think you're in a carnival!

Indoor or Outdoor
It is important to consider if the selected venues is placed indoor or outdoor as the atmosphere temperature plays a part in the preservation of food quality. An outdoor environment is subjected to higher temperature may cause certain pastry products to soften quicker than an indoor or air-conditioned environment. Highlight the type of venue to our team so that we can advise on the dessert items that may better withstand the physical conditions.

Nature of Event

You may have selected a certain theme from our works, or have opted to go all in with your very own customised thematic set-up. Regardless of which is the option, it is essential to keep us informed on the nature of event! The themes may be fixed, but we do put in different consideration should it be a baby shower, wedding reception, birthday party or corporate event. Equipped us with as many details as possible and we will arm ourselves ready with the right decors for your dessert table!



a party without cake is just a meeting


Your Dessert Table Cheat Sheet

Competition in the market is strong. There are more options than ever offered by different vendors and the price tag can range anywhere in between. So how should you decide?

Choosing Dessert Vendors

Different vendors offer different services and packages (obviously). Try to understand what approach is being provided by the companies that you're researching on.

Are they highly customisable down to every piece of cake? To what extend do they provide for your decoration needs? Can they provided other services to minimise your contact points? Most importantly, what price point are you willing to pay for the experience? We cannot answer the above for you, so keep in mind where are oyur priorities when hosting your party.

Pastryden's approach to dessert table is highly distinguished from others. We limit your options in dessert customisation to ensure the highest quality is conformed. What's the point of having a beautifully decorated cupcake when the taste may be compromised by the heavy use of fondant and icings? Additionally, we boost the quantity on your table such that it will not only be a spread for your tummy, but also a feast to the eyes.

Apart from that, we play around with the decorative elements on the table. You can still get your rustic garden theme or nautical navy set-up from our pre-designed themes. by doing so, you enjoy limited customisation to still call it your dessert table, but perhaps only at a fraction of the price!

Desserts for All Occasions

To each their own taste - everyone craves for different sweets and pastries. Hence, we strive to offer an extensive range of selections for you to customise your table according to your individual preferences!

Do keep a look out on your selected combination in terms of types and colours! It is often nice to have a variety of desserts and not too many of a particular type. Maybe you like chocolate, but for an entire table of dark colours, would you be fine with that?

"Favourited" Items

No idea what to choose for your dessert table? No problem, let us help you! Look out for the favourited recommendation in our package menu, or simply have our team to curate your menu to go along with your theme! Easy peasy. 

How many should I cater for?

Our packages are indicated with a suggested serving based on an average of 3-5 pieces per pax. We encourage you to select a package based on 1:1 ratio, to ensure enough variety for your guests. People tend to have a second stomach for desserts, so you want to be sure that your guests have sufficient treats fill them up too!

Do take into considering other food catering or pot luck items if any during your party. You may need to adjust your quantity upwards if the dessert table will be your only source of food, or downwards if you're planning to turn your party into a food street.

What time should I indicate for my orders?

Dessert tables are very different from a buffet line. We need time to do dessert plating, as well as completed the entire decorative set-up. Don't worry about it, because we will plan the time. You just have to indicate the actual timing that you want your dessert table to be ready by! Our catering team will ensure our arrival 1-1.5 hours prior your start time to finish the set-up! You don't want your desserts to be sitting lonely on the table for too long.

Rules of Indulgence

Eat till your hearts content when the dessert table is readily set-up, leave calories counting to another day! That's because we highly recommend not to pack the remaining desserts for later consumption to ensure optimal food quality and taste.

life is short eat desserts first

The 'WOW' Factor

Want something else for your party? Check out some ways to up the ante for the party you host and spruce it up with these additions!

Fondue Station

Opt for our fondue set-up where we set-up a mini station with your choice of flowing goodness, paired with marshmallow and biscuit sticks!

Traditional Kueh Kuehs

Add one of these side orders popular amongst elder crowds to your dessert table! Items like the Ang Ku Kueh are loved by the younger ones too!

Mobile Beverage Bars

Get a mobile mixology bar with the liquor of your choice to escalate your event to a new level! Not into alcohols? We can bring in a coffee brew bar too!

More Activities!

Engage in ancillary activities to keep your guests busy the whole time! Ask us about instant photo booths, balloon photo walls and columns, roving magician, make-up artistes, jumping castles, traditional snack booths, performances and more! Our dedicated events team can arrange these for your event, freeing you the time to handle more important things!


One Stop Solution At Your Service

Like what you see so far? Don't stop here!

We may be specialising in dessert table set-ups, but our experience in event planning and management can help in providing a holistic solution to your event requirements. Get in touch with our team and let us get cracking for you!

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